Archaeological & Historical Sites

Ahmet Pasha Mosque (Mehmet Bey Mosque)
Ahmet Pasha Mosque is also one of the well-known Ottoman monuments of Serres. It is also referred as Mehmet Bey Mosque, sharing its name with its founder who built it at the end of the 15th century. This particular mosque stands out for its architectural beauty, a reflection of the Ottoman art.
Zincirli Mosque
One of the most known Ottoman mosques of Serres is Zincirli Mosque. This mosque was built over 500 years ago (16th century) and is a prominent example of Ottoman architecture.
Mustafa Bey Mosque (Koja Mustafa Pasha Mosque)
Another remarkable monument of Serres is Koja Mustafa Pasha Mosque. This mosque also known as Koja Mustafa Pasha Mosque, is five hundred years old structure reflecting the Ottoman architecture of that time. Someone visiting the Koja Mustafa Pasha Mosque can also pay a visit to the Ottoman Baths located near the mosque.
Acropolis – Orestis Koulas Fortress
The city’s most renowned attraction is the Acropolis. This Byzantine construction was built in the 9th century AD on top of an ancient fortress of 7th century BC.Historical documents mention the existence of four towers inside the Acropolis during antiquity. Today, however, only one tower survived through the centuries. This is called “Fortress of the King” also known as “Orestis’ Fortress”.