The Regional Unit of Serres is the largest and second in population among the seven regional units of Central Macedonia. The regional unit covers a geographical region that stretches from Strymonian Gulf in the south to the Greek-Bulgarian border in the north. Almost half of that area is flat and semi-mountainous with two mountain ranges surrounding it, one from the west and the other from the east. From the west is the mountain range of Kerkini – Vertiskos – Kerdylia and from the east is the mountain range of Orvilos – Menoikio.

Serres is mainly continental and thus has a complete road network connecting it with the surrounding areas and regional units. It also has an efficient public transport network which enables and facilitates the transportation of its citizens and visitors. In the Regional Unit of Serres there is also the largest entry point of the country, Promachonas, from where 3.75 billion tourists entered the country in 2019.

Image source: Regional Unit of Serres