Museums & Cultural Institutions

Archaeological Museum of Serres – Bezesteni
If you want to travel far back in time and see findings and objects from the Neolothic and Bronze eras, then you should definitely visit the Archaeological Museum of Serres – Bezesteni!
Serres Ecclesiastical Museum – “Psychis Akos”
Serres Ecclesiastical Museum’s exhibits include icons, silver artifacts and clerical vestments and orphreys. All of the museum’s exhibits were acquired by local churches and monasteries.
Olive Museum
Serres could not but have an Olive Museum! Take some time to see the old oil mill, the machinery and the methods used to produce oil in the 19th century. The Olive Museum in Eleonas, Serres awaits.Image source: Club Serron for Unesco
Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos Museum
A wing created within the Monastery functions as a museum exhibiting tools used among other things, for olive processing, in ancient times.