City Break

The short, walking distances in the city streets, the cozy café and eateries are the reasons why Serres is an ideal destination for City Break lovers.

Serres’ trademark events are another reason why City Break lovers should visit this city. These famous events are the Christmas fair called “Politia ton Efchon” (to non-native speakers this translates to “City of Wishes”) and “Mascarata” Carnival of Apokries.“Politia ton Efchon” is the “fairytale” event and a trademark for Christmas in Serres. It is a place where you can find Santa Claus’ House, a Chocolate Worskhop, an ice rink, a carousel, an amusement park and many other Christmas art events and more.

Mascarata Carnival is the only carnival in the city of Serres. It is an event during the Apokries Carnival in Greece with lots of music, dancing and groups of people in costumes partying in the rhythm of carnival beats!

There are also other significant events associated with the tradition of Serres:

“Anastenaria” or “Nestenaria”

It’s a religious custom whose main feature is fire-walking barefoot on burning coals. This custom revives an ancient Greek ritual which has its roots in Dionysian worship and the Dionysian Mysteries.

Anastenaria ritual takes place on May 20 every year, on the eve of the Feast of Saints Constantine and Helen, culminating on May 21.

“Kalogeros” (The “Monk”)

This custom celebrates the earth’s fertility. Only men take place in this ritual centered on “Kalogeros”. According to the custom, when this “kalogeros” died, he was thrown into the water and after a few minutes he was resurrected.

This ritual involves many characters. Except “Kalogeros” who is the main character, the rest are the “King” accompanied by the “barber”, the “prince” and the villagers. Each character plays a specific role in this custom. “Kalogeros” wears a sheepskin and a gourd and peppers on top of his head.

Gynarchy – “Babo” (the midwife) – “Vrexoudia”

It is an ancient ritual honoring women, reproduction and childbirth. During this celebration that lasts 24 hours, women are in charge of the village, occupying public buildings, electing a woman president as well as a municipal council consisting exclusively of women, while men are forbidden to leave the house where they are engaged in housework. The celebration of “Babo” concludes with a night feast.

Traditional Wrestling

This custom is associated with ancient wrestling and the wrestlers that contribute in reviving this custom are dressed with traditional knee-length trousers (“kiouspeti” or “Kispeti”) and douse themselves in oil.

Other lesser events are: “Helidonismata” custom, “Lazarines” or Lazarus’ carols, “Klidonas” custom, “Gaitanaki” or Maypole and Saint George celebration (“Drakoktonia” or the killing of the Dragon)
Serres is fit for various types of excursions, either short escapes to nearby natural locations or town adventures. During your stay you can have day trips to beautiful natural landscapes such as Lake Kerkini, Alistrati cave and the Lailias ski resort.

Those who enjoy cultural and religious elements can visit Fort Rupel, Amphipolis or do a spiritual search in the beautiful monasteries of the area such as the Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos. If, on the other hand you prefer city excursions, its museums and cultural elements offer a rich flashback to the history of Serres.

This kind of excursion can also be combined with a culinary journey and a shopping stroll at the market.
Despite being a smaller city compared to other major cities such as Thessaloniki and Athens, Serres is famous for its vivid nightlife. After all, its people are always active! They are open-hearted, extroverted and loving people and they are the main reason for Serres being always alive. Of course, the university students studying there contribute a lot to the city’s activity and spark!

Serres offers a wide variety of bars, cafés, restaurants and taverns that can please every taste and age. The trendy café-bars, the hip and sophisticated joints/hangouts, the expensive bistros, the local taverns and street food eateries are here to elevate your experience!