Municipal Park of Lieutenant Colonel Georgios Katsanis

Georgios Katsanis was born in 1934 in Sidirokastro Serres to refugees from Eastern Thrace. During the German occupation, the Katsani family settled in Thessaloniki. In 1952 he was admitted to the Evelpidon School and in 1956 to the Commando Corps. In 1973 he was transferred to Cyprus as a Major. In 1974, at the beginning of the invasion he was in Nicosia and on July 21 he fell fighting from a sniper’s fire. Georgios Katsanis intervened missing for 46 years. In 2020, his bones were transported and interred in Sidirokastro. After his death he was promoted to Lieutenant General. Heraklis of Thessaloniki, which he had joined as a young man, dedicated the indoor gym to his memory, the “Katsaneio”. At a central point of Sidirokastro there is a bust of him.

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