Orpheas Club Municipal Park – The Macedonian Fighter

At the prompting of the Greek Consulate, 12 people from Serres on August 1, 1905, founded an association with a cultural character, but in reality it was founded as a secret organ of the Consulate for the organization and conduct of the Macedonian Struggle. The founding team consisted of Kikopoulos, Kehagias, Koulas, K. Kehagias, Vlachopoulos, Dellios, Mantzaridis, Nasioutzik, Ziogas, Petsidis, Manavis and Loukas. The union was called “Orpheus Club” and included musical and cultural sections. His secret mission was the organization of the Macedonian Struggle. At that time, there was a significant force and the arsenal was located in Satzakio, Serres. He acted covertly and openly, transporting weapons, organizing fundraisers, covering military operations. The action was directed by the Greek Consulate. The history of Orpheus is identified with the history of Serres and the association with the name “Omilos Orpheas” has important actions to this day.

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