Skoutarian Municipal Park

Refugee immigrants arrive in October 1922 from the village of Prousa, in the area of Skourati. On August 15, 1924, the Skoutarians started from Skoutari in Eastern Rumilia and settled in the area of the current settlement of October 1924. The name is due to Skoutari in Northen Thrace (Eastern Rumilia). On June 30, 1926, the community of Skoutari was established under the name of Kiopeki, after it was separated from the community of Kato Kamila. On January 14, 1927, the community of Skoutares was officially named. Until 1997, it functioned as a community, the Skoutari settlement was detached and designated as the seat of the Skoutares municipality. In 2010 the settlement of Skoutari was integrated into the municipality of Serres.

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