Captain Boulasikis Municipal Park

Theodoros Boulasikis was born in Serres in 1873. In 1905 he enlisted in the corps of Duke Gaitatzis or Captain Zervas and was a member of the “Orpheas” association which, under the guise of holding musical and cultural events, was a center for the support of the Macedonian Struggle. Initially he was a hoplite in the regions of Serres, Visaltias, Phyllidas and Pangaios. In 1907, he became head of his own armed group. At the beginning of 1908, he was active in Zichni as the leader of a small group of six rebels. In 1908, he went with other local chieftains to Serres and surrendered the armament and disbanded his corps. He was active again during the Balkan wars and especially during the Second Balkan War, when, together with the Duke, he recruited several armed men from the surrounding areas, in order to prevent the occupation of Greek villages by Bulgarian troops. Captain Boulasikis spent his life in Serres, without particular comforts. He died in 1937.

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