Justice Municipal Park

Justice is the concept of application of law. Justice is a good that does not aim at the happiness of whoever exercises it, but aims at the happiness of the whole. Justice stems from selflessness and freedom of the soul and is linked to the rule of law. Justice is awarded based on the value of man, the principle of equality and reciprocity which is due to free will and is necessary to maintain the unity of society. Justice was also defended by Anastasios Polyzoidis of Serres, who was born in 1802. He collaborated with Alexandros Mavrokordatos and became secretary of the executive. He was the main author of the Declaration of Independence of Greece. In 1827 he was elected a proxy in the National Assembly of Troizina. In 1832 he was appointed by the Regency as president of the five-member court of Nafplion that tried the Kolokotronis and Plaputas. Polyzoidis, knowing the innocence of the accused, refused to sign the decision sentencing them to death for high treason. His move resulted in his imprisonment and brutal abuse by the Regency. His refusal to accept state interference in the concept of justice was indicative of his integrity of character.

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