K. Floridis Municipal Park

Kreon Floridis was a Thracian refugee who settled in the city of Serres, he was particularly involved in the construction of refugee settlements in Serres and in the flour industry. The Construction Cooperative of Urban Refugees of Serres “The People’s Shelter” is considered one of the first cooperatives that dealt with the construction of public housing in Greece. The head of the cooperative was K. Floridis, who was very active. Together with the 162 members of the cooperative, in 1929, they bought from the National Bank a total area of 80,740 square meters at the location of Bair Mahala, in the area of the current 9th primary school of Serres (now Kallithea). The home of Kreon Floridis was rebuilt in the area, on a privileged corner plot and stood out from the rest of the uniform houses in the neighborhood. K. Floridis offered an important construction project in the city of Serres and helped particularly suffering refugees during the interwar period.

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