Konstantinos Karamanlis Municipal Culture Park

Konstantinos Karamanlis was born on March 8, 1907, in Proti Serron. The Greek politician was prime minister of the country for two periods (1955-1963 and 1974-1980) and twice president of the Republic (1980-1985 and 1990-1995). Initially, he practiced as a lawyer and became a politician in Serres (1930). During the civil war he was minister of various ministries. During his prime ministership he implemented a program of industrialization and improvement of agricultural production. After the fall of the military junta, he was recalled to Athens as prime minister (July 24, 1974). During both the first and the second period of prime minister, Konstantinos Karamanlis strengthened the cultural life of the country. He secured the conditions for the construction and operation of important centers of artistic activity, such as the National Gallery, the Concert Hall, the Athens Conservatory. He founded the State Theater of Northern Greece and the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, the theaters of Corfu and Rhodes, the Chariot of Thespidos, and contributed to the strengthening of literary production. Of decisive importance was the creation and reconstruction of theaters, such as Lycabettus or the Forest Theater in Thessaloniki, as well as the ancient theaters of Herodes Atticus, Philippi and Dodoni. The lively interest in saving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Greeks gives an additional dimension to the positive presence of Konstantinos Karamanlis in the cultural field. To K. Karamanlis is attributed the integration of Greece into the EEC. He died in Athens on April 23, 1998.

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