Municipal Park of Heroes of the Macedonian Struggle

The Macedonian Struggle was a series of conflicts between Greek and Bulgarian armed forces, from 1904 to 1908 in the region of Macedonia. In order to strengthen the Greek efforts for Macedonia, in 1903 the Hellenic Macedonian Committee was founded by Stefanos Dragoumis. The Macedonian Struggle was started by the neo-armatolians (1878-1898) but strengthened by the Macedonian fighters (1900-1912). The fight was coordinated by the metropolitan of Kastoria, Germanos Karavangelis, and Ion Dragoumis. Important Macedonian warlords were Pavlos Melas and Tellos Agras. More specifically, the Macedonian fighters of Serres, wanting to cover their actions both from the Turks and mainly from the Bulgarian party goers decided and on August 1, 1905, they founded the group Orfea Musical Gymnast and under the cover of this club they continued their action. In Serres great battles took place during the Macedonian War and famous commanders emerged with great action such as Doukas Gaitatzis (captain Zervas), Theodoros Boulasikis who was assigned to the corps of Duke Gaitatzis or captain Zervas, Ioannis Martzios, Mitrousis Gogolakis (captain Mitrousis). , Stergios Vlahbeis, Giorgos Giaglis, captain Sofia Hatzipantazi. The Macedonian fighters from Serres contributed to the freedom of our Macedonia and are honored as heroes. There were also many Asia Minors who participated in the Macedonian Struggle. An armed force with hundreds of volunteers had been formed in Crete and Mani. All the chieftains of the Macedonian Struggle are worthy of eternal gratitude on the part of Hellenism.

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