Municpal Park of Patriarch Neofytu VIII

Joakim Papakonstantinou, Neophytus VIII, was born in 1883, in Rodolivos Serron. At the age of 6 he was sent to the Eikosifinissa Monastery and studied at the Greek School in 1839. In 1851, he went to Constantinople to study. He worked as a teacher and dealt with ecclesiastical matters. In 1867, he was elected bishop of Eleftheroupolis, in 1887 Metropolitan of Pelagonia, in 1891 Metropolitan of Nikopolis and Preveza. On October 27, 1891, he was elected Patriarch. During his Patriarchate he dealt with the issue of recognizing schools of homogeneity, and the issue of teaching the Turkish language. On 25 of October 1894, he was forced to abdicate and went to the island of Antigone where he died on 5th of July in 1909.

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