National Unity Municipal Park

National solidarity includes cooperation, national consciousness and solidarity. Compassion, solidarity and the elevation of the national spirit contribute to the preservation of Greek culture and respect for the elements of national tradition. Based on the above, the nation can more easily overcome its internal problems and repel any attempt to steal national history and sovereign rights. At its beginning, the independent Greek state faced a series of events involving the conflict between the then Prime Minister of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos and King Constantine I regarding Greece’s entry or not into World War I, the National Division (1915 -1922) was the cause of the rupture of the national unity of the country. This conflict divided the country into two different camps and caused an extremely deep gap in Greek society. The effects of the divide persisted into the late 1930s. It is argued that the later Asia Minor disaster was largely a consequence of the National Division. However, throughout the political history of Greece, National Unity was and will be a main element in the formation of every ideology.

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