Captain Mitroussi’s Municipal Park

Dimitrios Gogolakis, known by the nickname Captain Mitrousis, was born in 1882 in Chomondos Serres and was a Macedonian warlord. In 1903 he participated in the armed struggle against the Bulgarian forces. He killed several agents of the Bulgarians. The Bulgarian organization tried to associate him but he refused. Thus, they ordered his assassination, as he was an obstacle to Bulgarian action in the region. Captain Mitrousis escaped, but his wife and their only child were murdered. As soon as Captain Mitrousis was informed of the end of his family, he attacked with his body, in Karatzakioi (Monokklisia). There they killed 30 commissars and fled in fear of the arriving Ottoman army. This event caused a general upheaval throughout the Serres region and the Greek Consulate of Serres found itself in a difficult position. Captain Mitroussis went to Athens at the beginning of 1907. But at the beginning of the spring of 1907 he returned to Serres forming a small armed force. In July 1907 there were fierce battles involving Mitrousis and the Turks set fire to the surrounding houses forcing Mitrousis’ group to flee to the church. Mitroussis and his companions locked themselves in the bell tower of the church. Captain Mitrousis continued the battle until the bullets ran out, then he killed himself with a knife on July 14, 1907, in order not to be arrested. The sacrifice of Captain Mitrousis became a symbol of the Greeks throughout Eastern Macedonia. His birthplace, Homondo Serron was renamed in his honor to Mitroussi, as well as the Municipality of the area was named the Municipality of Captain Mitroussi.

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