Vlachs National Benefactors Municipal Park

In the choir of the great national benefactors of our Nation, the first place is held by the Vlach National benefactors. The Vlachs, of the dispersion, performed acts of patriotism and whatever they had acquired through their labor abroad, they offered in the form of rich donations to their homeland. They endowed Greece with beautiful buildings and institutions, they gave Greece immortal monuments of their patriotism and their love for the country and its culture. G. Averof founded the National Technical University of Athens and reconstructed the Kallimarmaro Panathenaic Stadium, M. Tositsas did road construction projects in Athens, Ant. Arsakis founded the Arsakeian schools. G. Sinas founded the Athenian Observatory. The Vlach benefactors did not proceed with benefactions only in Athens but strengthened Hellenism everywhere with institutions. The Vlach benefactors will remain immortal in our memories through their social contribution.

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